We are a boutique production company in New York City.

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Short Drama
George and the Vacuum
Short Documentary
We Live This
Zipcar Inc.
Stone Barns Center
Stone Barns Center
The Infamous Stringdusters
Music Video

Fun Facts About Hayden 5:

Our first commercial was for a local bowling alley in New York City. Today AMF Bowlmor Lanes is the largest bowling chain in the US, and Hayden 5 has tables made of bowling lanes.

We are named after the 5th floor of NYU's Hayden Hall. We had neighboring corner rooms once nicknamed, The Lounge, by fellow students.

We've successfully grown a lemon tree in our Manhattan office.

Our first TV music video was for Juelz Santana of Dipset, and premiered on BET's 106 and Park in 2009. There was so much blunt smoke on set, we had to have PAs waft it away from the green screen.

We once had a real live cat stuck in our wall. Don't worry it was rescued safely.

Our Camp Gyno video was called "The best tampon ad in the history of the world" by the Huffington Post.

We produced a Mariah Carey video, once.

Milos is from Rio, Brazil and Todd is from Tampa, Florida.

We've produced a viral condom video and tampon video years apart.

Some people are still hung over from our 2010 Halloween loft party.